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Adam LovedayCornwall 1787 Twenty years ago fate denied Adam Loveday his birthright: the family estate, Trevowan, and the shipyard that his father was struggling to maintain. The intense childhood rivalry between Adam and his elder twin St John continues to govern their fated passions and chequered fortunes.

St John has become a lazy, dissolute wastrel. Adam has fierce family pride in Trevowan and the yard, and a talent for ship design. But with St John as the heir, Adam embarks on a life in the navy, which appeases his passion for adventure. However, his ambition is to be master of the Loveday yard - building and captaining his own vessel.

Adventure and rivalry between the twins presents itself in the seductive beauty of Meriel Sawle, the daughter of the local innkeeper, whose violent family are infamous in the smuggling trade. Adam cannot resist Meriel's charms and is determined to have her, despite his family's plans for a betrothal to his French cousin. Meanwhile, St John is aware of his father's increasing disapproval of his lifestyle and fears that Adam will be given the Loveday yard. Consumed with jealousy and hatred, he puts into motion a plan to ensure that Adam will never get what his heart desires: the boatyard - and Meriel…

Whilst in the navy Adam's wild blood has made him a vengeful enemy in Lt Francis Beaumont which leads to them both being cashiered. Beaumont in his hatred of Adam unleashes a vendetta on the Loveday family with far reaching reprisals.

It is not only Adam and St John's lives that are interwoven in this family drama. Their cousin Japhet is a rake-hell and professional gambler whose life often crosses over to the wrong side of the law. But Japhet is also a courageous and loveable rogue and there is one woman in his life who is determined to tame him. Gwen is Japhet's saviour but he is too blind to see it and true love for them is not destined to run smoothly. Japhet's younger brother Pious Peter has his own demons to conquer. He is determined to be a preacher but the passionate Loveday blood is not easily controlled. And in London there is their cousin Thomas Mercer, outwardly the son of a respectable banker but secretly his desire is to be a poet and playwright. Although a fop Thomas is a renowned swordsman and his destiny has many twists that cannot be easily resolved.

Rich in drama and passion, filled with the atmosphere and flavour of eighteenth century Cornwall, ADAM LOVEDAY is a story of family relationships that transcends time.