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Casey has always looked up to her older, beautiful cousin, Eva. So it is natural for Casey to open her home to Eva when she is left orphaned by a gas explosion. Everyone falls for Eva's winning charm; even Casey's surly father, Joe, is no longer grudging that he must provide a roof for Eva. But then Joe 'Strongarm' Strong is a man with a dark secret, and Eva is not the innocent victim she at first appears.

Then Joe is found dead in his pub, the Britannia, in London's nortorious Courtyard. Although raised in the pub, Casey has been isolated from the rough neighbourhood by her father, and it is only now that she discovers that the Britannia is frequented by thieves and prostitutes, and how Joe made his money. When Casey and Eva are left penniless, the latter is determined to take over the business, legitimate or otherwise, in order to save them from destitution. Gradually Casey realises that Eva's fierce possessiveness is stifling her but her sense of loyalty keeps her bound close. Fate may seem against Casey but she is determined to succeed in a new business venutre and even the birth of her illegitimate child cannot stop her success - until the shadows of the past threaten to destroy everything she holds precious. FATEFUL SHADOWS is a compulsive story of dark passions and secrets, and an obsessive love which leads to tragedy.