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Cornwall 1791

As the civil unrest in France gathers force, ripples of conflict are also reaching across the Channel, for the Loveday family are fighting their own private battles. Charles Mercer - Edward Loveday's brother-in-law - has been found dead, the reputation of his eminent bank now in tatters. His investors' money risked on one too many failed ventures, Charles has left the Lovedays facing emotional trauma and financial ruin.

But risk comes second nature to the Lovedays as they unite to save the family fortune. Adam finds refuge from the pressures of keeping the family shipyard solvent in his passionate relationship with the gypsy-bred Senara - whom he is determined to marry despite his father's threat of disinheritance. However Senara is proud and aware of the divide in their backgrounds. Riches mean nothing to her and to win her Adam must make a supreme sacrifice. His twin, St John, angry at having to curb his spending, decides to join the Sawle brothers - the notorious smugglers who rule Penruan by intimidation and violence. And the scheming Meriel Sawle, now St John's wife, has her own revenge upon Adam to settle.

As changing fortunes - both personal and financial - put strain on the family already buckling with internal tensions, each one of the Lovedays must sacrifice personal ambition and unite to overcome such a crisis. But to some of them sacrifice does not come easily…

Adam is also drawn into the events of the revolution in France when family loyalty drives him to risk his life to save his aunt and cousin from the bloodshed. The repercussions of this adventure have far reaching consequences that threaten his chances of personal happiness.