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'If a man does not have honour, he has nothing.' Edward Loveday declares, but the honour of the Loveday family faces its most serious challenge yet.

Japhet Loveday has been tried and convicted of highway robbery. His new wife, Gwen, is desperate to clear his name, but Japhet has made some powerful enemies and her efforts may not be enough to save him from the gallows.

Edward also faces troubles of a more personal nature. His wife, Amelia, is still reeling from the shock arrival of Edward's illegitimate daughter, Tamasine, and cannot bring herself to forgive him for bringing even more shame upon the Loveday name. Will Edward be faced to make a choice between his daughter and his wife?

Meanwhile Tamasine herself has fallen in love with the handsome Rupert Carlton, but when the truth of her parentage is revealed, it causes a feud between the two families that threatens to destroy the relationship. Will loyalty and honour eventually triumph? And at what cost to the family's happiness and future?

Honour comes with a high price. Love affairs, subterfuge, incest and murder ensnare the family in another novel packed with passion and intrigue.

Extract from The Loveday Honour