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Edward Loveday always believed loyalty would see his family through any crisis. But in the years since his tragic death they have been far from united.

The fierce rivalry between his twin sons, Adam and St.John, rages on with each man feeling betrayed by the other. Dangerously consumed by their sibling battle, they are unable to see that their real enemy is not to be found in each other but rather in an outsider - Harry Sawle. Sawle, a cunning and violent smuggler, has long held a personal vendetta against the Lovedays and will use their feud for his own gain. Indeed he has already begun threatening their widowed cousin Hannah Rabson.

Meanwhile, in the new Australian penal colony, at least one Loveday remains loyal as the formally disgraced Japhet risks hios life to protect Adam's investments from corrupt militia. But one man's loyalty is not enough to save this family. Unlewss Adam and StJohn can find a way to heal their rift and unote, the Lovedays and their proud heritage could be destroyed.

Drama, scandal and romance combine to create this absorbing and passionate seventh book in the Loveday series.

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