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Pride, the curse of the Loveday family, may also be it's salvation

Adam Loveday and his twin brother St. John have fallen out once again, and this time there seems little chance of reconcilliation

While Adam struggles to maintain the family shipyard and develop his new lands at Boscabel, St John, heor to the estate, bears a bitter grudge against him for having won the yard he considers his birthright. The Desiree Richmond arrives unexpectedly from Virginia, and Adam is appaleed to learn that she believes herself to be engaged to St. John - though his brother's wife is still living. Will Adam be found guilty by association with St John's lies?

Meanwhile, in London, young Tamasine tries to keep faith with Rupert Carlton, the man who's declared his love for her, but is proving oddly elusive. And on a convict ship bound for Botany Bay, the family's black sheep is battling to survive. But both the illegitimate Tamasins and Japhet, the former highwayman, are fiercely proud of the Loveday name and resolved to honour their heritage.

Action, intrigue and romance continue unabated in this richly satisfying sixth book in the Loveday series.

Extract from The Loveday Pride